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The Human Body

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Investigate the inner and outer workings of the human body using scanning electron microscopes, thermal imaging, medical computer graphics and real-life images. Live the incredible story of a single day in the lifetime of you and me. Witness the miracle of life from the development of a fetus inside a mother’s womb, to birth, puberty and finally adulthood. Follow a tomato on its journey to the biological blender of the stomach. Travel through the bloodstream and into the chambers of the pumping heart. Embark on a voyage down the ear canal to discover how your brain makes sense of sounds. See how the human body’s systems and organs work together as you get a glimpse into the amazing things that take place beneath the skin to keep us ticking.

The Human Body is a presentation of The Learning Channel and BBC Worldwide of a Discovery Pictures / BBC co-production in association with the Maryland Science Center and the Science Museum, London with major funding provided by the National Science Foundation.

On Wednesday April 12, 2017, The Human Body is showing at 1 PM