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America’s Musical Journey

Opens June 23

America’s Musical Journey celebrates the unique diversity of cultures and creative innovations that characterize America, as told through the story of its music. The film follows Grammy Award®-nominated singer and songwriter Aloe Blacc as he traces the roots of America’s music through the colorful locales and cultures where it was born. Visiting iconic cities such as New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, Nashville, Memphis, Miami and more, America’s Musical Journey explores the collision of cultures that gave birth to such electrifying art forms as jazz, the blues, country, rock and roll and hip-hop.

America’s Musical Journey is a MacGillivray Freeman film produced in association with Brand USA and presented by Expedia and Air Canada.

Dolphin one – Photography by Steve Benjamin copyright BBC NHU 2016
Fish one – Photograph by Alex Vail copyright BBC NHU 2017

Photos courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films, Copyright

This week, America’s Musical Journey is showing:

Fri Jul 20 @ 4 PM
Sat Jul 21 @ 4 PM and 6 PM
Sun Jul 22 @ 4 PM
Mon Jul 23 @ 4 PM
Tue Jul 24 @ 4 PM
Wed Jul 25 @ 4 PM
Thu Jul 26 @ 4 PM
Film Special!

$9 for all ages.

(No further discounts apply on Adult tickets)