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Journey To Space

Our mission to Mars is just beginning. Get ready to embark on the next chapter of space exploration. Look beyond the 355 astronauts and 135 missions in NASA’s Shuttle Program and take in the majesty of some of the greatest technological leaps since the assembly of the International Space Station. Discover Orion, a long-duration spacecraft for human travel, Olympus, an inflatable transit habitat, and the Space Launch System, the enormous rocket that will carry them both to the red planet. A human mission to Mars will take two-and-a-half years of self-sustaining travel, where astronauts have to create, repurpose and recycle the resources needed to survive. Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to see the major strides NASA is taking to send humankind to Mars within a generation. Consider a future where humans can live and operate in space. Learn how space experts are turning science fiction dreams into reality.

Journey to Space is co-produced and co-distributed by K2 Films, Inc. and Giant Screen Films.

View of the International Space Station orbiting above Earth, taken from an approaching space shuttle.
Engineers work on the finishing touches of Orion, before its first test launch in late 2014.


On Friday April 26, 2019, Journey To Space is showing at 12 PM

Film Special!

$9 for all ages.

(No further discounts apply on Adult tickets)