Summer Camp 2024 Half-Day Camp Information Package

A young child peers through a magnifying glass at an exhibit.

We are excited to welcome you to Camp at the Ontario Science Centre

What to Expect

Expect lots of fun! Campers will visit Science Centre exhibits, participate in hands-on activities and create lasting memories.

General Camp Information

Camp Location

Camp will take place at the Ontario Science Centre, located at 770 Don Mills Road, Toronto. Each group of Campers will have a dedicated Camp-room that serves as home base. Please note that Campers will not be going outdoors during Half-Day Camp.

Camp Access

When arriving at Camp, parents/guardians will park in the south lot and enter with their Campers through the IBM School & Tour Group Entrance (near the front of the building) for sign-in. After parents/guardians have signed Campers in, our Camp staff will accompany all Camp groups on the shuttle to the rear entrance. Please see Sign-in and Sign-out Procedures below.

Camp Hours

Half-Day Camp runs between 9 and 11:45 a.m. each day. Campers should be signed in and out up to 15 minutes before and after Camp, respectively:

  • Sign-in time is between 8:45 and 9 a.m.
  • Sign-out time is between 11:45 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Please note that we are not able to offer Extended Care for Campers enrolled in Half-Day Camp.

and Sign-out Procedures

Proof of age will be required for all Campers, as we are unable to accept children under 4 into our care. Please have government-issued proof of age available for your child on the first day of Camp.

Each Camper’s parent/guardian or authorized pick-up person must sign the Camper in and out each day via the IBM School & Tour Group Entrance (near the front of the building).

Please see our map and review the instructions below for more details:

If you are driving:

From Don Mills Rd., turn onto Gateway Blvd. west. Follow the signs and make an immediate right turn into our South Parking Lot, which has spaces designated specifically for Camp pick-up and drop-off. Please have the parking pass from your reminder email, which you will receive one week before Camp, ready (in digital or print format) to show Security upon entering the lot.

After parking, please enter via the IBM School & Tour Group Entrance with your Camper(s) for sign-in.

Note that due to the limited number of spaces, you may only park in this lot during sign-in and sign-out.

If you are walking or coming via TTC:

After arriving at the front of the building via Don Mills Rd., walk to the IBM School & Tour Group Entrance, located near the shuttle stop at the front of the building.

Photo ID Policy

All parents/guardians, authorized pick-up persons and emergency contacts will be required to present photo ID each day before Campers are released to their care. This ID must match the name provided on the Camper’s booking form. Please provide legal names, not preferred or chosen names (e.g., do not write “Mike” for “Michael”), on the booking form.

Proof of age is required for all Campers. Please have government-issued proof of age available for your child on the first day of Camp.

Late Sign-in and Early Check-out

If your Camper is going to arrive after Camp begins or before it ends, please contact the Camp Office at 416-696-3256 or by email.

We anticipate increased attendance at the Science Centre during the summer. Please expect line-ups and traffic delays.

Communicating Absences

If your Camper will be absent, please contact the Camp Office at 416-696-3256 or by email before 8:45 a.m. to report their absence. Please see the Cancellation and Refunds section below for more details.


Parking for Camp families is free during designated sign-in and sign-out windows. Please park in the South Parking Lot off Gateway Blvd. west, which has spaces designated specifically for Camp families.

Please have the parking pass provided in your reminder email, which you will receive one week before Camp, ready (in digital or print format) to show Security upon entering the lot. Note that due to the limited number of spaces, you may only park in this lot during sign-in and sign-out.

At Camp

What to Bring at Camp

Campers should bring a bag or backpack containing the following items:

  1. A refillable water bottle
  2. A sweater/sweatshirt
  3. Closed-toe shoes
  4. One snack
  5. Birth certificate (on the first day of Camp only)

All belongings will be stored in the Camper’s Camp-room during the day. Please clearly label all belongings with the Camper’s full name.

Campers should not bring personal items such as electronics, cellular phones, toys or sports equipment to Camp. There are no lockers available for storage, and the Ontario Science Centre cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Please do not send money with your Camper, as there will be no opportunity for them to visit the vending machines or restaurant while at Camp.

Please DO NOT send food containing NUTS to Camp, as many Campers have severe, life-threatening allergies to nut products. The Ontario Science Centre cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Camper Code of Conduct

We expect all Campers to respect each other, their counsellors and supervisors, as well as their environment while at Camp. We also expect that no Campers will exhibit behaviour that is harmful to themselves or others.

If a Camper does not adhere to our Camper Code of Conduct or behaves in an unsuitable or unsafe manner, we will notify their registering parent/legal guardian. If it becomes necessary to remove the Camper, a partial refund may be considered. Violent behaviour or language jeopardizing the safety of others will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the enrolment.

Camper Code of Conduct

  • Respect fellow Campers, volunteers, staff and other visitors. 
  • Treat people the way I would like to be treated.
  • Cooperate with Camp staff and follow their instructions. 
  • Stay with my group, unless I have special permission not to be with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my Camper wear?

Campers should dress in comfortable clothing that is suited to physical activity. Each Camper will receive a Camp T-shirt on the first day of Camp, which they must wear every day while at Camp.

For health and safety reasons, open-toed shoes, roller shoes and Crocs are not considered safe for Camp.

How will my Camper spend their day?

Campers will spend their time exploring exhibit halls and participating in hands-on science activities.

What happens to lost items?

Any lost items will be placed in the Camp’s lost and found, located in the Camp Office. Any unclaimed items from the week will be taken to the Centre’s main lost and found, which can be reached by calling 416-696-1000.

How do I get there?

Please visit our website for driving directions, TTC instructions and map links for getting to the Ontario Science Centre.

Where in the Science Centre does Camp take place?

Camp takes place in the rear Science Centre building, accessible only from the rear entrance.

Once Campers have completed sign-in in the front building, they will join their Camp group and take the shuttle to the rear entrance. At the end of each day, Campers will take the shuttle back to the front entrance in time for sign-out and pick-up.

Campers will be accompanied by Camp staff at all times when shuttling between entrances.

How do I change my contact information?

Only a parent/legal guardian can register a Camper. This individual (the “Registering Adult”) is the only person permitted to make changes to the Camper’s booking and contact information before or during Camp.

If you are the Registering Adult and wish to make changes, including changes to your contact information or to the list of authorized pick-up persons, please contact our Camp Office with your confirmation number at 416-696-3256 or by email.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations and modifications received prior to and on June 7, 2024, are subject to a $70 administration fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after June 7, 2024.

Please note that the Ontario Science Centre reserves the right to terminate the registration or enrolment of any Camper if, in the opinion of the manager, it is in the best interest of the Camper and/or Camp. If the Ontario Science Centre terminates a Camper’s registration or enrolment, a full or partial refund will be considered depending on the circumstances of the termination.

Safety and Security

Camper Care

Camper safety and supervision is of the utmost importance. Camp programs are delivered by responsible, enthusiastic and caring counsellors with a broad range of expertise and experience working with children in an educational and/or recreational environment. Our diverse staff includes teachers, science educators and university and high school students with a science or education-related background. All Camp staff have valid Vulnerable Sector Screening Checks.

Visitor Access to Camp

Ontario Science Centre visitors, including Camper parents/legal guardians, are not permitted to enter Camp-rooms or to join in Camp activities. If you would like to visit the Ontario Science Centre and/or the OMNIMAX® Theatre while your Camper is busy at Camp, regular admission fees will apply.

First Aid and Medical Intervention

All members of the Ontario Science Centre’s protective services staff, as well as all Camp staff, are trained in First Aid and CPR-C.

Ontario Science Centre staff cannot administer medication to Campers. If your Camper must take medication during their Camp day, please see a Camp supervisor or your Camper’s counsellor to discuss options. While we will do our best to remind Campers to take their medications, we cannot guarantee this.

Because Camp activities take place throughout the Ontario Science Centre, we require Campers with EpiPens, inhalers and other life-saving medication to carry them at all times while at Camp.

Medical and Camper Support

The Ontario Science Centre recognizes the individual needs of Campers. To help us accommodate your Camper’s specific individual needs, we recommend that you complete this optional form in advance of Camp. After receiving your form, we may reach out for more information or to discuss if/how we are able to support your Camper’s needs.

The Science Centre does not provide one-on-one supervision or specific medical support. However, Campers with specific needs may have an adult support person accompany them free of charge. Please inform us of your plan to provide a Camper with a support person in advance so we may prepare accordingly.

If applicable, please provide a completed Medical and Camper Support Form in person or via mail, or telephone us to arrange a conversation no later than one week before the Camp start date. Please do not email personal or private medical information.

Contact Us


Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road
Toronto, ON
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Camp Office

Phone: 416-696-3256
Email: Recreational Programs
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.