Turn Your Tickets into a Membership

A young boy plays with the tracks and balls at the Science Centre.

Already bought tickets? Apply them towards your membership

If you have purchased general admission tickets to the Science Centre and visited us in the last seven days, you can apply up to the full value of your tickets towards a membership!

All you have to do is show us your tickets within seven days of purchase. Here’s how:

1. Hold on to your tickets!

We will need to see your tickets to determine how much of your ticket value we can apply towards a membership based on the type of tickets you have and the level of membership in which you’re interested. You can show us on-site at the Membership Desk, or you can send us a copy from home.

2. Send us a copy

Email a clear image of your tickets to membership@ontariosciencecentre.ca. We must be able to read the details on your tickets.

3. Tell us about yourself

Please include your first and last name, the level of membership you want and a daytime phone number. We will call you within one business day to complete your transaction.

After we have applied the value of your tickets and received payment, you will receive a temporary membership card from us by email. You can use this to start visiting as a member right away! Use it for free admission, discounts at our restaurants and, if you choose a membership at the Planetary level or higher, savings on IMAX® films and parking. You’ll get your permanent membership cards in the mail within 3-4 weeks of your membership purchase. 


Contact Us | Membership Office: 416-696-3142