Try out the YumeGO app

A child uses their phone outdoors to explore space in an AR experience.

Explore the SpaceX Raptor engine. Dock cargo with the Canadarm. Cruise Mars with a rover. Try all this and more with YumeGO.

This is your chance to test-drive the prototype of an app under development by Yumebau, a Canadian tech company started by Wilson Tang, one of the Ontario Science Centre Science School’s very own graduates. With this offer, YumeGO lets you interact with science through five augmented reality experiences, all inspired by space flight – and since you’re among the first to try it out, YumeGO developers want your feedback on these virtual exhibits.

New to augmented reality? Don’t worry, give it a try. It’s just like experiencing a museum exhibit, but via smartphone. It’s hands-on science fun, which you can keep right in your pocket!

Download instructions

  • Download YumeGO from App store or Google Play store
  • Start YumeGO app and login
  • Open Ontario Science Centre banner, tap Start button to play.

Tips and tricks

Requirements–App is available for iPhone 6S and above or Android equivalent. If Wi-Fi service is not available, app will use smartphone’s GPS and data plan.

Be aware of your surroundings–Stand in a safe place with about 2 metres of clearance on all sides. Make sure furniture or objects are not in the way. Adults should always supervise young children.

For best results–When prompted, point the device’s camera towards the floor about 1 metre in front and move it side to side slowly until the exhibit appears. Augmented Reality works best in a well-lit room with flat uncluttered floors. Avoid use on floors that are too shiny or reflective, or too dark.

Interactions–Unlike most online games or websites, you interact with Augmented Reality exhibits as if they were really on the floor in front of you. To see behind an exhibit, simply walk around it. To pick up an object, you have to be close enough to tap and hold on your device’s screen.

Please Note:

This has app has been created by Yumebau in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre. You can view a detailed end user license agreement that includes privacy policies.

Some users of Google Pixel devices may encounter issues. We are working towards resolving these issues in future updates.


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