Climate Change, Explained!

A woman reads a book called "Climate Change" with a child.

Explore the science of climate change and the solutions with this collection of videos chosen by our science experts

Got questions about climate change? From heat-trapping gases and the Net-Zero Challenge to the water cycle and restoring natural ecosystems, there’s a lot to know! That’s why our team of science experts has collected informative videos from trustworthy sources to help answer your questions and expand your knowledge about climate change and solutions.

Watch the videos below, share with your friends and family, and think about how you can apply what you’ve learned in your everyday life. Climate action begins with awareness and understanding, and small steps can lead to big change. Learn more at our new interactive exhibition, Our Climate Quest.

A Brief History of Climate Change Science

Meet three key figures—Eunice Newton Foote, Guy Stewart Callendar and Charles Keeling—whose discoveries built the foundation of our current understanding of climate change.

Source: BBC Ideas

Weather Versus Climate

Learn about the difference between weather and climate. Plus, find out how scientists monitor Earth’s climate and why it’s important for us to track changing conditions over time.

Source: NASA Climate Change

Why the Water Cycle Matters

How important is the water cycle to our climate? Explore how the state of water—whether liquid, solid or vapour—plays a crucial role in various climate impacts such as droughts and rising sea levels.

Source: Jimi Sol Eisenstein, Earth Advocacy Educator

The Meaning of Net Zero

Explore the net zero approach and why it is our best chance for a sustainable future. Plus, discover the big changes countries like Canada are making to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Source: TED

The Food and Climate Connection

Why are some foods we eat worse for the climate than others? Learn about food production, farming, animal biology, heat-trapping gas emissions, and what steps we can take to be more climate-conscious consumers.

Source: Vox

In Partnership with Nature

Look ahead to a future where we work in partnership with nature, while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, to reduce climate change and create a better planet.

Source: The Nature Conservancy