Are you still curious to know more about vaccines and COVID-19? Watch the videos below to expand your knowledge and understanding of vaccine development, emerging variants, herd immunity and more.

How Do Vaccines Work?

Discover how vaccines protect us by teaching our bodies to recognize and fight dangerous pathogens—organisms that cause disease.

Source: TED Ed

COVID-19: How Vaccines are Developed

Learn about the vaccine development process, which includes safety testing, dose determination and large scale testing. 

Source: Government of Canada

This animation was produced before the COVID-19 vaccines were approved for public use by Health Canada

Ask a Scientist: Was the COVID-19 Vaccine Research Rushed?

Find out how decades of scientific research supported the quick development of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Source: Canadian Institute of Health Research

How Do COVID-19 Vaccines Work?

Understand how the COVID-19 vaccination prepares your immune system to fight the virus, drastically reducing the odds of serious illness if you are exposed. 

Source: Hungarian Academy of Sciences

This video was produced in March 2021, so statistics on infection numbers are out of date. Click here to see current data.

Why So Many COVID-19 Variants are Showing Up Now

Explore how the worldwide spread of COVID-19 infections have driven the virus’ evolution, and gain a basic understanding of how viruses replicate and mutate. Plus, find out why global vaccination is the key to stopping variants. 

Source: Vox

Herd Immunity

Discover which factors influence herd immunity—when a large number of people in a population have immunity to an infectious disease—and what this means for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Source: Cell Press

School Vaccinations: The CARD System

Get to know The CARD System—simple but successful skills and strategies created by SickKids researchers to help reduce the pain and anxiety of vaccination.

Source: AboutKidsHealth

How We Conquered the Deadly Smallpox Virus

Uncover the scientific and medical innovations that led to the elimination of smallpox in 1979–considered one of the greatest successes of modern medicine. 

Source: TED Ed

Can We Get Rid of COVID-19 Forever?

Learn about the four key factors to consider in the fight against a viral disease, and find out what the prospects are of eliminating COVID-19 forever.

Source: Vox