COVID-19 vaccines are considered a major medical breakthrough. They were created out of a collaborative effort in scientific communities around the world, using technology that has been perfected over many years. Amazing, right? Find out how COVID-19 vaccines work and how they can protect you. It’s also important to protect your mental health during these difficult times. Learn more about pandemic stress—and how to ease it—from a clinical psychologist.

How Vaccines Work

Find out how COVID-19 vaccines protect you from the virus. How were they developed and tested in record-breaking time? A physician explains.

Vaccine Safety

Scientists didn’t skimp on their research! Learn about the scientific studies done to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

Managing Pandemic Stress

What is pandemic stress anyway? Learn more and get healthy coping strategies from a clinical psychologist.

Finding the Fun

From walks with your family to video chats with friends, there are many ways to still have fun and stay connected to the people we love during a pandemic.

The content in these videos comes from livestream events that aired in the spring of 2021. You can watch the original recordings of the full events on our YouTube channel:

COVID-19 Vaccines

Kids’ Mental Health & COVID-19

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