Power Up! The Science of Energy

Flip a switch and turn on a light; turn a key and rev an engine; push a button to get the AC going! It’s hard to imagine our daily lives without power—but where does all of this energy come from? To find out, we need to look to the Sun, the wind, water and the elements!

Explore the science of solar power, fossil fuels, biofuels, wind power, hydroelectricity and nuclear energy through this series of engaging videos. Generate your own power with two fun activities, and finally, put your new knowledge to the test with a round of energy-themed trivia.

Get ready to power up your energy expertise!

The Sun: Transforming Solar Energy

The Sun radiates huge amounts of energy in the form of heat and light—but how can we harness that energy and transform it into something we can use? Gain a new appreciation for Earth's favourite star as you uncover the science of solar power, fossil fuels and biofuels.

Wind & Water: Transforming Kinetic Energy

From spinning pinwheels to crashing waterfalls and beyond, we rely on many different sources of kinetic energy—that is, energy from moving things—to generate electricity. Get ready for an electrifying exploration of the science behind wind power and hydroelectricity.

Uranium: Transforming Nuclear Energy

Did you know that roughly 60% of electricity in Ontario is generated by nuclear power plants? Learn how we generate nuclear energy from uranium and explore the science of CANDU reactors, heavy water and much more. Plus, find out what you can do to reduce the impact of your energy use.

A party hat with a pinwheel on it.
Make a Pinwheel Hat

Construct a pinwheel hat using simple materials, then set your pinwheel in motion to generate kinetic energy—just like a wind turbine! Plus, learn how kinetic energy from the wind can be converted to electricity.

Make a Pinwheel Hat
A machine made of household objects for demonstrating hydro power.
Build a Hydro Power Machine

Study the science of hydroelectricity by building your own hydro power machine! Learn about potential energy, turbines and more, and watch as your machine uses the force of falling water to lift small items.

Build a Hydro Power Machine
Lightning striking the CN Tower at night.
All About Energy Trivia

Put your brain power to the test! This trivia game in PDF format features 25 multiple choice questions over five rounds. All you need to play is a piece of paper, a pencil and some friendly competition.

All About Energy Trivia
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