Summer with the Science Centre

A woman and young girl examine pinecones under a magnifying glass.

Science and summer go together like sun and sand!

This time of year is perfect for playing, exploring and making family memories—and not just on a beach. Science is everywhere! Get curious together and see what you can discover.

We have plenty of experiments, activities and games that can be adapted for all ages, abilities and interests. Create the perfect bubble recipe. Make your own ice cream. Discover the science of sunscreen. Build a bottle rocket. And join us for live virtual events all summer long!

A homemade popsicle.
Ice Core Freezer Pops

Interested in ice cores? Play paleoclimatologist to create a layered ice pop that tells a story as you study the science of ice core cylinders. Then, enjoy your tasty frozen treat!

Glasses of lemonade surrounded by lemons.
Make Fizzy Lemonade

Experience a classic summer refresher with a science twist! Gather your lemons, sugar and baking soda for this experiment with acids and bases—and finish with a fizzy drink.

A woman opening up a barbecue.
Sizzling Science

Feed your mind with the science behind the flavours of your favourite grilled foods. Learn about Maillard reactions, cooking times, food safety and more with this video. Ready, set, sizzle!

Sunscreen pours from a bottle into a spoon.
Science of Sunscreen

Absorb the science of sun safety as you learn about UV radiation, the difference between chemical and mineral skin protection and the impact of sunscreens on coral reefs.

A boy looks at an ice cream cone.
5-minute Ice Cream

Try a cool—and yummy—science experiment. With a few simple ingredients and supplies from your home, plus a little chemistry, you can whip up your very own ice cream in just five minutes.

A close up of bubbles.
Make Bubbles at Home

Find out what the secret ingredient is in our tried and true bubble recipe. Then make your own. Get set for some bubbly fun!

A night sky filled with fireworks.
The Science of Fireworks

These dazzling displays may look like magic, but the secret behind fireworks is no spell: It's science, of course! Learn about the chemistry behind the stunning effects of your favourite summer spectacle.

A homemade weather instrument.
DIY Weather Instrument

Turn recyclable materials into a homemade Robinson anemometer—a device used to measure wind speed. Test your anemometer and record your observations, just like a meteorologist.

A rocket launching into space.
Build a Bottle Rocket

Set up your launch pad, build your bottle rocket and prepare for an impressive display of Newton’s three laws of motion.

A picture of the sun.
Make a Sundial

Chart the passage of time using a homemade sundial, and observe how the shadows change their length.

Close up of s'mores.
Soft, Sweet and Spongy Science

Make your own marshmallows with our gelatin-free recipe. Is there a science to making the perfect toasted marshmallow? Let’s explore.

A green maple leaf.
Leaf Identification Game

Challenge yourself and learn something new by matching leaves to their trees in this play-at-home game that will have you looking up when you go outside.