Seaside Science

Seaside Science

Pack your sunscreen and your science notebook, because we’re heading to the ocean. Examine your closet’s contribution to microplastic pollution in our waterways. Keep your boat afloat with our new design and materials challenge. Learn how crochet can help us understand complicated scientific concepts, from neurons to coronavirus molecules. Plus, find out how you can contribute to the Ontario Satellite Reef, a special community-based crochet project that combines craft, community activism, environmental awareness and science learning.

Not heading to the water? No problem—we’re bringing the beach to you!

The Science of Sunscreen

You know that too much sun can damage your skin. But do you know how it happens and how sunscreen protects you? Absorb the science of sun safety as you learn about UV radiation, the difference between chemical and mineral skin protection and the impact of sunscreens on coral reefs.

A colourful pile of laundry.
From Closet to Coast

Plastics are everywhere … including in our clothes. When clothes are washed, tiny particles called microplastics make their way from our washing machines to wastewater plants before finally flowing into our lakes and oceans. Check to see if your dirty laundry is adding microplastics to the environment with this informative activity.

Clothes Sorting Game
A close up view of a marine animal.
Marine Animal Close-ups

Get close, really close, to your favourite marine animals! Play this macro-photography game and test your ability to identify animals from extreme close-up shots. Score bonus points if you know which animals are native to Canada!

Marine Animal Close Ups
A homemade boat floating in a sink.
Float Your Boat Challenge

What makes a boat float? There’s only one way to find out! Design your very own boat using household materials. Try using aluminum foil, packing tape, milk cartons or anything else that inspires you. Sketch your plans in your notebook, then get building! How much weight can your boat carry? Can it surf the waves? Record your results and share your favourite designs by tagging us on social.

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An exhibit from Crochet Coral Reef.
Crochet Coral Reef

Feel inspired to crochet after this week’s Facebook Live with scientist and artist Tahani Baakdhah? Pick up needles and yarn and contribute to the Ontario Satellite Reef. This community-based installation is part of the global art project Crochet Coral Reef, which calls attention to the devastation of living reefs due to climate change. Be part of a hands-on project that combines craft, community activism, environmental awareness and science learning.

Ontario Satellite Reef

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