Spit for Science

Summer 2019

Spit for Science

Did you know that your genes and the environment around you help to shape your mental and physical health?

Get ready for Spit for Science and become one of our 30,000 Junior Scientists in this fun and interactive research project with SickKids researchers.

Parents and teens answer questions about behaviour (the way you act), physical health and well-being. Teens and kids get to play a computer game to give researchers information about cognition (the way you think).

Then, kids and teens spit in a small tube for SickKids researchers to take a look at your DNA!

A little bit of spit can help us make a healthier world.

Criteria: you can participate if you are/or have a child between the ages of 6 and 17 and understand sufficient English to answer questions.


Weston Family Innovation Centre
Level 6