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Two smoking beakers sit next to a skull, heart and 3 large insects encased in acrylic.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand :
A STEM Investigation and Communication Skills
B Life Systems: Human Health and Body Systems
C Matter and Energy: Properties of and Changes in Matter
D Structures and Mechanisms: Forces Acting on Structures
Strand :
A STEM Skills and Connections
Strand :
A STEM Skills and Connections
B Life Systems: Interactions in the Environment
C Matter and Energy: Pure Substances and Mixtures
D Structures and Mechanisms: Form, Function, and Design of Structures
Strand :
A STEM Skills and Connections
D Structures and Mechanisms: Systems in Action
Sensory Considerations

Students will be viewing real biological specimens, including animal and human specimens. Please note the Ontario Science Centre follows the guidelines of the Ontario Anatomy Act, which states that human specimens are treated with dignity and respect and used for educational purposes only.