Science School

Two smiling Science School students pose together in their red lab coats

Calling all Grade 11 students in Ontario who love science and innovation!

Please note applications for the 2020/21 school year have closed.

If you’re looking for a unique science learning experience where you can innovate, work with other enthusiastic students, earn Grade 12 science and math credits and prepare for university, the Ontario Science Centre Science School might be for you.

Students from across the province can apply for a full semester of Grade 12 science and math at our Science School. You will earn credits that line up with the Ontario curriculum, work in group projects with like-minded students, create projects to engage with Science Centre visitors and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind innovation class.

Your exclusive learning experience includes:

  • An exciting environment
  • Experienced, imaginative teachers
  • Enthusiastic classmates
  • Practical, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Small class sizes (30 students per semester)

What Students Do

The Science School is full of people who like to learn, are inherently curious and are open to new ideas. Students appreciate diversity, equity and working with diverse groups based on age, language, cultural background and gender identity. Students can responsibly work on self-directed projects and balance the heavy course load of the Science School program.

Students are ready to:

  • Take a minimum of two 4U science/math courses plus the Innovation Course (IDC4U)
  • Facilitate interactive science activities with Science Centre visitors
  • Assist in science workshops with visiting school groups (K-12)
  • Complete a semester-long group project in science communication and engagement


All students will take the Ontario Science Centre Science School Innovation Course (IDC4U). Additionally, students choose two or three of the following courses:

  • Biology SBI4U
  • Chemistry SCH4U
  • Physics SPH4U
  • Advanced Functions MHF4U (first semester only)
  • Calculus and Vectors MCV4U (second semester only)

It is recommended students take only three courses (Innovation Course plus two more). Students cannot apply for courses for which they have previously earned a credit.

The Innovation Course

Take your learning outside of the classroom and apply it in a creative, hands-on way:

  • Create a visitor experience—Work collaboratively with your fellow students and Science Centre staff to create an opportunity for visitors to engage with science (an activity, a demonstration, an exhibit, etc.).
  • Explore the steps to innovation—Journey through a full innovation cycle, from idea generation to research, from building and prototyping through to market research and revision.
  • Work with Science Centre visitors—Facilitate interactive science activities with visitors to the Ontario Science Centre and participate in science workshops with K-12 students from visiting schools (15 hours minimum).

No Fees

There’s no tuition fee for the Science School. The program is generously supported by the Toronto District School Board and Toronto Catholic District School Board. Students will be registered with one of these two school boards while attending the Science School.

Please note: Additional fees for field trips and workshops may be required, but resources are available for students in need of financial support.


Students are responsible for arranging their accommodation, but we share a list of local homestay options with all incoming students. The Science School does not screen the accommodation offers; this is the responsibility of the student and their parent or guardian.

How to Apply

There are 60 spots in the school—30 in the fall semester and 30 in the spring semester.

The application process for the 2021-22 school year will be posted to this website on January 30, 2021. All applications will be due April 6, 2021.  

While the Science School is presented by the Ontario Science Centre in partnership with the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board, students from all Ontario school boards are welcome to apply.

Teacher Applications

We welcome creative, enthusiastic educators to apply from the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Please check for postings to apply posted in the spring as well as the School Board websites.


Want to learn more about the Science School to see if it’s right for you? Please get in touch:

Science School | 416-696-4620

For more info about what makes the Science School unique, how to apply and what it’s like to be a student, check out Science School Frequently Asked Questions.