Professional Learning Resources

Three students experiment with structures.

Explore play- and inquiry-based methods to support in-class learning

What do play and scientific experimentation have in common? Science is more than a body of knowledge or chalk on a blackboard—it’s a process, with sorting and classifying, weighing and measuring and active experimentation. Science can be playful, and play-based investigation is research.

If you’re curious about play-based learning but unsure where to start, check out these professional learning resources, produced with the support of the Ministry of Education. The Science Centre is sharing new ways to incorporate play- and inquiry-based learning into the classroom.

Play-based Learning

Get your students learning in a play-based classroom featuring indoor and outdoor activities centred on the Earth and Space curriculum strand:

Corresponding lesson plans

Inquiry-based Learning

Incorporate inquiry-based learning into your classroom and get your students investigating like scientists and building like engineers: