Destination Space

Virtual School Program

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  • Grade 6
An educator presents a model rocket

Curriculum Connections:

Strand A : STEM Investigation and Communication Skills
A1.1 use a scientific research process and associated skills to conduct investigations
Strand E : Earth and Space Systems
E1.1 analyse the impact that conditions in space have on humans engaged in space exploration, and explain how humans meet their social, emotional, and physiological needs in space
E2.1 identify components of the solar system, including the Sun, Earth and other planets, natural satellites, comets, asteroids, and meteoroids, and describe their main physical characteristics
E2.3 describe the relationship between the force of gravity and the weight of a body
E2.4 identify the types of bodies in space that emit light and those that reflect light
E2.5 describe various effects of the relative positions and motions of Earth, the Moon, and the Sun
E2.6 identify various technologies used in space exploration, and describe how technological innovations have contributed to our understanding of space
Sensory Considerations

This program features moderate to loud noises and brief flashes of bright light.