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Energy Transformations

Type : Virtual School Program
Grades : 5, 6
Duration : 45 minutes
Capacity : one group, maximum 35 students
Price : $150 per group
Language : English only

Discover why energy is neither created nor destroyed and learn how various forms of energy are transformed. Explore electrical energy generation and its impact on our daily lives.

Schedule until June 24, 2022:

10 a.m. or 11 a.m.  
May 3, 18, 24 & 31
June 9 & 15

1 p.m. or 2 p.m.
May 3, 11 & 31
June 9, 15 & 21

For dates that are currently available, please refer to the Request Your Virtual School Program form.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand : Understanding Earth and Space Systems
3.1 Identify a variety of forms of energy and give examples from everyday life of how that energy is used
3.2 Identify renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
3.3 Describe how energy is stored and transformed in a given device or system
3.4 Recognize that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another
Strand : Understanding Matter and Energy
1.1 Assess the short- and long-term environmental effects of the different ways in which electricity is generated in Canada, including the effect of each method on natural resources and living things in the environment
1.2 Assess opportunities for reducing electricity consumption at home or at school that could affect the use of non-renewable resources in a positive way or reduce the impact of electricity generation on the environment
2.6 Use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including current, battery, circuit, transform, static, electrostatic, and energy, in oral communication
3.3 Identify materials that are good conductors of electricity and good insulators
3.4 Describe how various forms of energy can be transformed into electrical energy
3.5 Identify ways in which electrical energy is transformed into other forms of energy
3.8 Describe ways in which the use of electricity by society; including the amount of electrical energy used, has changed over time
Sensory Considerations

Moderate to loud noises

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