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Fun with Chemistry

Type : Virtual School Program
Grade : 5
Duration : 45 minutes
Capacity : one group, maximum 35 students
Price : $150 per group
Language : English or French

Marvel at the power of chemistry by exploring both physical and chemical changes. Observe a variety of mixtures, solutions and reactions as you have fun with combustion.

Schedule until December 17, 2021:

10 + 11 a.m.
October 21, 26 & 28
November 5, 18 & 25
December 7 & 14

1 p.m. 
October 19, 21 & 28
November 12 & 18
December 1, 7 & 17

2 p.m. 
November 12 & 18
December 1, 7 & 17

For dates that are currently available, please refer to the Request Your Virtual School Program form.

This program is also available in French.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand : Understanding Matter and Energy
2.5 Use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including mass, volume, properties, matter, physical/reversible changes, and chemical/irreversible changes, in oral and written communication
3 Demonstrate an understanding of the properties of matter, changes of state, and physical and chemical change
3.1 Identify matter as everything that has mass and occupies space
3.2 Identify properties of solids, liquids, and gases and state examples of each
3.3 Explain changes of state in matter and give examples of each
3.4 Describe physical changes in matter as changes that are reversible
3.5 Describe chemical changes in matter as changes that are irreversible
3.6 Explain how changes of state involve the release of heat or the absorption of heat
3.7 Identify indicators of a chemical change
3.8 Distinguish between a physical change and a chemical change
Sensory Considerations

Loud noises

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