Inquiry: Heat in the Environment

Virtual School Program

  • All
  • Grade 7
A split-screen view of a hand touching aluminum and a hand film in infrared touching plastic.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand A : STEM Investigation and Communication Skills
A1.2 use a scientific experimentation process and associated skills to conduct investigations
A1.3 use an engineering design process and associated skills to design, build, and test devices, models, structures, and/or systems
A1.5 communicate their findings, using science and technology vocabulary and formats that are appropriate for specific audiences and purposes
Strand E : Earth and Space Systems
E2.1 use particle theory to explain how heat affects the motion of particles in a solid, a liquid, and a gas
E2.2 demonstrate an understanding of various ways in which heat is generated
E2.3 use particle theory to explain the effects of heat on volume in solids, liquids, and gases, including during changes of states of matter
Sensory Considerations

This program features some effects that may be inaccessible for participants with visual impairments.