Inquiry: Strong and Stable Structures

Virtual School Program

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  • Grade 3
A hand balances two bricks on a bridge made out of a building toy.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand A : STEM Skills and Connections
A1.2 use a scientific experimentation process and associated skills to conduct investigations
A1.3 use an engineering design process and associated skills to design, build, and test devices, models, structures, and/or systems
A1.5 communicate their findings, using science and technology vocabulary and formats that are appropriate for specific audiences and purposes
A3.1 describe practical applications of science and technology concepts in their home and community, and how these applications address real-world problems
A3.3 analyse contributions to science and technology from various communities
Strand D : Structures and Mechanisms
D2.1 describe a structure as a supporting framework that holds a load and has a definite size, shape, and function, and identify structures in the natural environment and in the built environment
D2.3 identify the strength of a structure as its ability to support a load and describe ways to increase the strength of structures, including ways to increase the strength of different materials used to build them
D2.4 describe the stability of a structure as its ability to keep its shape, maintain balance, float, and/or stay fixed in one spot when a force is applied to the structure, and describe ways to improve a structure’s stability
D2.5 identify properties of materials that need to be considered when building structures
D2.6 describe ways in which different forces can affect the shape, balance, or position of structures
Sensory Considerations

This program features moderate to loud noises (falling structures).