Inquiry: Systems in Action—Levers

Virtual School Program

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  • Grade 8
An educator demonstrates a trebuchet.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand A : STEM Investigation and Communication Skills
A1.3 use an engineering design process and associated skills to design, build, and test devices, models, structures, and/or systems
A1.4 follow established health and safety procedures during science and technology investigations, including wearing appropriate protective equipment and clothing and safely using tools, instruments, and materials
A1.5 communicate their findings, using science and technology vocabulary and formats that are appropriate for specific audiences and purposes
A3.1 describe practical applications of science and technology concepts in various occupations, including skilled trades, and how these applications address real-world problems
A3.3 analyse contributions to science and technology from various communities
Strand D : Structures and Mechanisms
D2.2 describe the purpose, inputs, and outputs of various systems, including systems related to food processing
D2.3 identify the various processes and components of a system that allow it to perform its function efficiently and safely
D2.4 use the scientific terms displacement, force, work, energy, and efficiency to describe everyday experiences
D2.5 demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between work, force, and displacement in simple systems
D2.6 explain the relationship between input and output forces and determine the mechanical advantage of various mechanical systems, including simple machines