KidSpark Mystery

Virtual School Program

  • All
  • Kindergarten
Three children dance holding toy guitars, with an inset of an educator in the top right corner

Curriculum Connections:

4. demonstrate an ability to use problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts, including social contexts
7. participate actively and regularly in a variety of activities that require the application of movement concepts
8. develop movement skills and concepts as they use their growing bodies to move in a variety of ways and in a variety of contexts
9. demonstrate literacy behaviours that enable beginning readers to make sense of a variety of texts
13. use the processes and skills of an inquiry stance (i.e., questioning, planning, predicting, observing, and communicating)
14. demonstrate an awareness of the natural and built environment through hands-on investigations, observations, questions, and representations of their findings
15. demonstrate an understanding of numbers, using concrete materials to explore and investigate counting, quantity,
and number relationships
17. describe, sort, classify, build, and compare two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures, and describe the location and movement of objects through investigation
18. recognize, explore, describe, and compare patterns, and extend, translate, and create them, using the core of a pattern and predicting what comes next
19. collect, organize, display, and interpret data to solve problems and to communicate information, and explore the concept of probability in everyday contexts
20. apply the mathematical processes to support the development of mathematical thinking, to demonstrate understanding, and to communicate thinking and learning in mathematics, while engaged in play-based learning and in other contexts
Sensory Considerations

This program features moderate to loud noises (clapping). Students will also be asked to spin, which may cause dizziness.