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Let's Take Flight

Type : Virtual School Program
Grade : 6
Duration : 30-45 minutes
Price : Recording available for free by request
Language : English only

Fling, fly and float! Discover how the properties of air help flying machines create lift, thrust and drag. Learn about the principles of flight and how you too can get Earth-bound objects to defy gravity—all without lifting your feet.


Curriculum Connections:

Strand : Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
2.3 Investigate characteristics and adaptations that enable living things to fly
2.5 Use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including aerodynamics, compress, flight, glide, propel, drag, thrust, and lift, in oral and written communication
3.1 Identify the properties of air that make flight possible
3.3 Identify and describe the four forces of flight – lift, weight, drag, and thrust
3.4 Describe, in qualitative terms, the relationships between the forces of lift, weight, thrust, and drag that are required for flight
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