Light and Sound

Virtual School Program

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  • Grade 4
An educator wearing goggles and a mask ignites a burner

Curriculum Connections:

Strand A : STEM Investigation and Communication Skills
A1.5 communicate their findings, using science and technology vocabulary and formats that are appropriate for specific audiences and purposes
Strand C : Matter and Energy
C1.1 assess the impacts on society of devices that use the properties of light or sound, or both
C1.2 assess the impacts on the environment of light energy and sound energy produced by various technologies, while taking different perspectives into account
C2.1 identify a variety of natural and artificial light sources
C2.2 distinguish between objects and living things that emit their own light and those that reflect light from other sources
C2.3 describe properties of light, including that light travels in a straight path and that light can be absorbed, reflected, and refracted
C2.4 describe properties of sound, including that sound travels through a medium as a wave and that sound can be absorbed or reflected and modified
C2.5 explain how vibrations cause sound waves
C2.6 describe how different objects and materials interact with light and sound energy
C2.7 distinguish between sources of light that emit both light and heat and those that emit light but little heat
C2.8 identify sensory organs and devices that make use of the properties of light and sound
Sensory Considerations

This program features moderate to loud noises.