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Light and Sound

Type : Virtual School Program
Grade : 4
Duration : 45 minutes
Capacity : one group, maximum 35 students
Price : $150 per group
Language : English or French

Learn all about how humans and animals perceive light and sound. Investigate the properties of light and sound energy spectra. Explore how light and sound behave through engaging demonstrations on pitch, frequency, vibration, reflection and absorption.

Schedule until June 24, 2022:

Our programs have ended for the 2021-22 school year. Sign up for our Teacher eNews to get updates on what we're planning for the fall.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand : Understanding Matter and Energy
1.2 Assess the impacts on society and the environment of light and /or sound energy produced by different technologies
2.2 Investigate the basic properties of light
2.3 Investigate the basic properties of sound
2.6 Use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including natural, artificial, beam of light, pitch, loudness, and vibration, in oral and written communication
3.1 Identify a variety of natural light sources and artificial light sources
3.2 Distinguish between objects that emit their own light and those that reflect light from other sources
3.3 Describe properties of light, including the following: light travels in a straight path; light can be absorbed, reflected, and refracted
3.4 Describe properties of sound, including the following: sound travels; sound can be absorbed or reflected and can be modified
3.5 Explain how vibrations cause sound
3.6 Describe how different objects and materials interact with light and sound energy
Sensory Considerations

Moderate to loud noises

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