Planet Hunter: The Search For Life In The Universe

Virtual School Program

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  • Grade 9
Artist concept depicting one possible appearance of the planet Kepler-452b

Curriculum Connections:

Strand A : STEM Skills and Connections
A1.2 apply a scientific experimentation process and associated skills to conduct investigations, making connections between their observations and findings and the scientific concepts they are learning
Strand E : Earth and Space Science
E1.3 assess ways in which technological innovations related to space observation and exploration are applied in various fields, including their contributions to sustainable practices on Earth
E2.1 describe the importance of the Sun and its characteristics, including its role in the solar system and in sustaining life on Earth
E2.3 summarize observational evidence used to support theories about the origin and evolution of the universe and the solar system, considering diverse ways of knowing
E2.4 describe major components of the solar system and the universe and compare their characteristics
E2.5 quantify distances in the solar system and the universe by applying an understanding of relative distances and sizes and using appropriate units of measure
E2.6 conduct investigations to explain the causes of various astronomical phenomena that can be observed from Earth
Sensory Considerations

This program features low light conditions and high-pitched sounds.