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Type : Virtual School Program
Grades : 1, 3
Duration : 45 minutes
Capacity : one group, maximum 35 students
Price : $150 per group
Language : English or French

Investigate the strength and stability of structures. Experiment with compression, tension and load. Get ideas on how to build bridges and frame structures from various materials, then test their structural limits!

Schedule until June 24, 2022:

Our programs have ended for the 2021-22 school year. Sign up for our Teacher eNews to get updates on what we're planning for the fall.

Curriculum Connections:

Strand : Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
1.2 Assess objects in their environment that are constructed for similar purposes in terms of type of materials they are made from, the source of these materials, and what happens to these objects when they are worn out or no longer needed
2.4 Use technological problem-solving skills and knowledge acquired from previous investigations, to design, build, and test a structure for a specific purpose
2.5 Use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including experiment, explore, purpose, rigid, flexible, solid, and smooth, in oral and written communication
Strand : Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
1.1 Assess effects of strong and stable structures on society and the environment
3.1 Define a structure as a supporting framework, with a definite size, shape, and purpose, that holds a load
3.2 Identify structures in the natural environment and in the built environment
3.3 Identify the strength of a structure as its ability to support a load
3.4 Identify the stability of a structure as its ability to maintain balance and stay fixed in one spot
3.5 Identify properties of materials that need to be considered when building structures
3.6 Describe ways in which the strength of different materials can be altered
Sensory Considerations

Occasional loud noises

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