Team Building

A simulated space mission control.

Spend an educational day at the Science Centre and bolster team dynamics

We offer a variety of programs that reinforce teamwork, communications and leadership.

Challenger Learning Centre

Group Size—16-32 participants
Duration—3 hours

Challenge your team by working together to simulate a Moon landing in a realistic Mission Control and spacecraft environment. How will your team react to emergencies? Or handle a communication breakdown? Or prioritize tasks to achieve mission goals? Teamwork, leadership and stress management will be essential to their success.

Please note that this program cannot be customized to deliver specific learning outcomes.

Scavenger Hunts

Cost—$20 per person, plus room rental
Optional Cost—$200 for Host-Facilitator

Host your next group function at the Science Centre and add a team-building scavenger hunt to your schedule. Collaboration is key as your group divides into teams and searches the Science Centre for clues and answers.

Learning organizational, implementation, awareness, cooperation and leadership skills, your team will have fun in the process of discovery.

As each group of participants is different, so are our programs! We will tailor team-building programs to suit your needs.  

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