Asaimîna: All Over Again

Creating Art Through Artificial Intelligence

Earth, water, air and fire: The four elements of the natural world are around and within us. This unity is key to Asaimîna (ᐊᓴᐃᒼ ᐄᓇ) All Over Again, an interactive art display by the Science Centre’s 2021-22 Artist in Residence, Jason Baerg.

Through this work, viewers are encouraged to imagine a different Toronto (also known as Tkaronto). Baerg first presented Asaimîna as a physical exhibition. Using a tablet, visitors manipulated a display of images, sounds and Cree language fragments, which were projected together in the shape of a large orb.

To bring Asaimîna to a wider audience, we are proud to present it here in a virtual format. To access the exhibition, simply click on the embedded experience at the top of this page.

The sounds of the four elements come together with images of Tkaronto—past, present and future—in this unique display that represents a collaboration between human and machine. Baerg fed images of Indigenous trees native to Tkaronto as well as current images of the city into an AI platform to produce the beautiful, thought-provoking projections that define Asaimîna.

As you click and drag the orb to manipulate the exhibition, pay close attention to the blended images and natural sounds. Does this Tkaronto feel familiar?  

Special thanks to Kyle Duffield, as well as Lisa Deanne Smith and the Onsite Gallery, for their contributions

About Jason Baerg

Jason Baerg is an artist, curator, designer, educator and registered member of the Métis Nations of Ontario. He is an Assistant Professor in Indigenous Practices in Contemporary Painting and Media Art at OCAD University, and he is the 2021-22 Artist in Residence at the Ontario Science Centre. In addition to Asaimîna, Baerg's work at the Science Centre includes Imagine the Year 2161, an interactive video experience that encourages young participants to consider Indigenous ways of knowing while imagining what the world will look like in the future.