Imagine the Year 2161

VideoAsk: Watch, learn and grow

Learn more about Indigenous ways of knowing and how these teachings can help us understand the world around us—past, present and future. This interactive series of videos covers several topics underlying the Sôhkêpayin project, including technology and the connections that exist in nature.

Watch each video clip, then complete the prompt at the end to move to the next topic. Try this with your family or classmates and compare your responses. How are your visions for the future similar? How are they different?

Learn through art, expand your thinking and enjoy the stories told through this unique video experience!

Special thanks to Ziyan Hossain, Calla Lee and Fran Rawlings of Method Collective, as well as to Montana Baerg for their contributions.

The total run time of this video series is approximately 15 minutes.

This experience requires that you enter in a response before moving to the next video. If you would prefer not to answer, please type “prefer not to answer” or press any letter to continue.

What is the Sôhkêpayin project?

Sôhkêpayin is an ongoing participatory project by the Ontario Science Centre’s 2021-22 artist-in-residence, Jason Baerg. The long-term goal of this Indigenous-led project is to develop an AI model that uses real data from the environment to create new outputs, including visualizations that emphasize the complex connections found in nature. Baerg’s work with the Ontario Science Centre includes Asaimîna, a digital art piece that uses artificial intelligence (AI) aggregators to create landscapes on a virtual globe.

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