Above & Beyond: An Interactive Flight Exhibition

People looking at an exhibit of future spacecraft.
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Soar higher, reach farther and race faster with this interactive flight exhibition!

Uncover everything from the physics behind a flock of flying birds to the technology powering today’s most sophisticated spacecraft as you enjoy immersive exhibits and hands-on activities all about the science of flight. See the world from a bird's eye view, pilot a jet, ride in a space elevator and much more!

Let your imagination soar as you learn about the inspiring history of air and space travel. Plus, find out how scientists are still working to take humans faster, higher and farther than ever before with designs that are smarter for our planet’s future.

Join this epic journey into the sky and beyond!

Above and Beyond was created by sponsor Boeing in partnership with Evergreen Exhibitions, NASA and the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, where it made its inaugural flight.

To September 5, 2022.

  • Everything
  • Physics + Engineering
  • Space + Exploration
  • Forces Causing Movement (3)
  • Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms (5)
  • Flight (6)
  • Space (6)
  • Systems in Action (8)
Two children using a bird flying simulator. A boy playing with an exhibit. Two children exploring the Above and Beyond exhibition. Two people looking at space vehicle models. A boy using a touchscreen exhibit.