Dinos in Motion

A metal sculpture of a T Rex.

Explore biomechanics, robotics, kinetics and more in an interactive exhibition featuring life-sized dinosaur sculptures

Until January 7

How do you make a T. rex chomp? Visit Dinos in Motion, our new interactive exhibition, to find out.

Get ready to dig into a world where art, science and innovation meet! Explore an incredible collection of metal dinosaur sculptures inspired by real fossils and built using recycled materials. Use levers, pulleys and other controls to make the massive dinosaurs move while learning about the fascinating science behind these kinetic creations. Plus, get to know more about the life and times of some of your favourite dinos, like Ankylosaurus, Diplodocus and Struthiomimus and many more.

This exhibition is created and produced by Imagine Exhibitions Inc. The sculptures are the creations of John Payne and Studio Properties LLC.

Want more dinosaurs? Join scientists on a quest to unearth a prehistoric world lost to ice in Dinosaurs of Antarctica, playing now in our OMNIMAX® Theatre.

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Some visitors may be sensitive to the loud sounds, lights and high-touch play areas of this exhibition.

  • Everything
  • Natural Environment
  • Physics + Engineering
  • Weather + Climate
  • Grade 1, Energy in Our Lives
  • Grade 1, Everyday Materials, Objects, and Structures
  • Grade 2, Simple Machines and Movement
  • Grade 3, Forces and Motion
  • Grade 3, Strong and Stable Structures
  • Grade 4, Machines and Their Mechanisms
  • Grade 5, Forces Acting on Structures
  • Grade 5, Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Grade 7, Form, Function, and Design of Structures
  • Grade 8, Systems in Action

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People playing with a metal dinosaur sculpture. People playing with a metal dinosaur sculpture. A metal dinosaur sculpture. Two metal dinosaur sculptures.
produced by Imagine exhibitions