Children playing with toy fruits and vegetables.

Welcome to our learn-through-play space that offers science fun for our youngest visitors. Build your own roller coaster, rock out in a music studio, go shopping at the market and so much more!

For kids 8 and under and their caregivers. Capacity is very limited. Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don't Miss:

  • Food Basket and Food Truck Alley: Go shopping for groceries—just like a grownup—in our mock supermarket that is scaled to the perfect size for kids. Sort, measure and count as you fill your cart with fake fruit, fish, baked goods and more.
  • Water Play Area: Explore water flow, experiment with sinking and floating, and discover all the fun you can have with bubbles. Waterproof vests will help you stay dry while you play!
  • Build-A-House: Plan, sort and build a house using foam bricks, columns, roof shingles and more. A conveyor belt helps transport materials to the second floor. 
  • Build Your Own Coaster: Use your creativity to construct a coaster with different tracks. Add slopes, curves and loops. Then test your design and explore the energy of motion by running balls along the tracks.
  • Music Studio: Make your rock star dreams come true! Select your music, green screen background and lighting—and then get ready to sing and dance along.

Did You Know? There is no wrong way to play! There are no instructions in KidSpark. We know that children are natural innovators and always curious, so this space was created as an opportunity for open-ended play. 

Explore KidSpark from home in this interactive 3D tour that includes videos and downloadable activities.


Sensory: Some visitors may be sensitive to the loud noises, crowds, bright lights and high-touch play areas. Visitors may also be required to wait in line during peak periods.

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  • Human Biology
  • Natural Environment
  • Physics + Engineering
  • Psychology + Perceptions
  • Weather + Climate
A woman and a girl playing with toy food. Children playing at a water table. A girl playing in KidSpark. A girl and a man rolling a ball down a ramp. Children dancing in front of a green screen.