Life of the Earth | Death of the Sun

A video plays on a giant sphere at the Ontario Science Centre.

Immerse yourself in this massive multimedia work by Canadian contemporary artist Director X

Displayed on a giant sphere, Life of the Earth is a reflection on humanity, environmental destruction and the planet’s sixth and current mass extinction of plant and animal life. Death of the Sun, which premiered at Nuit Blanche 2016, is a meditation on human mortality and our place in the universe, portraying the death of the star that sustains us.

Director X, renowned director/producer of popular music videos and feature films, precedes Life of the Earth with Death of the Sun as part of his 2019 installation to further contextualize the piece and encourage discussion about the human condition.

Life of the Earth was included in Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019. It is a collaboration between the Ontario Science Centre and the City of Toronto.


Sensory: This exhibition has bright lights and loud noises. 

  • Natural Environment
  • Weather + Climate
Death of the Sun is projected on a giant sphere while information plays on an accompanying screen.