Coming Soon: Nature All Around Us

A child looks in a periscope while other children point at a tree exhibit.

Find out how our daily lives in cities and towns are intertwined with the natural world in a new interactive exhibition

Opens June 3, 2024

Did you know that nature is thriving right under our noses? Discover the hidden worlds and rich ecosystems within downtown streets, city parks and even your own backyard!

Explore how our daily lives are intertwined with the natural world, both above and below ground, from trees cooling our neighbourhoods to streams carrying storm water away from our homes. Be surprised by what you uncover as you immerse yourself in this interactive exhibition that includes dozens of real specimens, multimedia experiences and hands-on activities. Peer through a periscope to find creatures living in tree canopies, learn how to create your own wildlife-friendly garden and pull up a seat at the Dandelion Café to perfect your foraging skills. Plus, take a look at how spending time in nearby nature is good for your mind and body.

Learn about citizen science as you explore the many exhibits and find out how to get involved wherever you live. Be inspired to nurture nature in your own community!

Nature All Around Us was developed by the Natural History Museum of Utah, in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota. Support for NAAU's national tour was provided by My Good Fund and the JoAnne L. Shrontz Family Foundation.

  • Natural Environment
  • Weather + Climate
  • Grades 1-8: STEM Skills and Connections
  • Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things; Air and Water in the Environment; Daily and Seasonal Changes
  • Grade 2: Growth and Changes in Animals
  • Grade 3: Growth and Changes in Plants
  • Grade 4: Habitats and Communities
  • Grade 5: Human Health and Body Systems; Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Grade 6: Biodiversity
  • Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment; Heat in the Environment
  • Grade 8: Water Systems
  • Grade 9 (SNC1W): STEM Skills, Careers, and Connections; Sustainable Ecosystems and Climate Change
  • Grade 10 (SNC2D & SNC2P): Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration
  • Grade 11, Biology (SBI3U): Diversity of Living Things; Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Function
  • Grade 11, Biology (SBI3C): Plants in the Natural Environment
  • Grade 11, Environmental Science (SVN3M): Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Challenges; Human Health and the Environment
  • Grade 11, Environmental Science (SVN3E): Human Impact on the Environment; Human Health and the Environment; Natural Resource Science and Management

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Children interact with a wall projection of the moon and stars. Three children interact with a touch screen. Two adults spin block exhibits of insects. Two children interact with a periscope exhibit.
Created by:
Natural History Museum of Utah, Rio Tinto Center, University of Utah
Modified for tour and distributed by:
Science Museum of Minnesota
Supporting Partner:
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