Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects®

A fox made out of LEGO.

Art and science collide with intricate sculptures inspired by nature

From the smallest creature to the tallest tree, everything is connected. This symbiosis is exactly what inspired New York artist Sean Kenney to create Nature Connects®, a collection of huge sculptures made from LEGO® bricks.

From a life-sized gardener to a larger-than-life germinating acorn standing over 5 feet tall, Kenney’s awe-inspiring sculptures dazzle and delight art- and science-lovers of all ages. Each sculpture is made from thousands of toy bricks. Take, for example, the 2-foot tall dragonfly—it’s made up of 11,500 tiny pieces!

Come to the Science Centre to see this impressive exhibition for yourself. Visit our grounds to enjoy free outdoor access to the Nature Connects® sculptures anytime.

Spot stunning sculptures on the Science Centre’s grounds

Take some time to explore the Science Centre grounds during your next visit, or stop by anytime to have a look at the Nature Connects® sculptures placed around the front of the building—no admission required!

Enter the Science Centre grounds from Don Mills Road and St. Dennis Drive, and start to look around. You’ll notice Nature Connects® sculptures in no time. Artists, nature-lovers and aspiring engineers alike will admire Kenney’s gravity-defying sculptures. While you’re checking out Sean Kenney’s fox sculpture, which the artist spent 210 hours constructing, see if you can spot a real fox near the Don Valley ravine!

Take your time examining the artwork, but remember to be mindful of other art admirers! Be sure to maintain physical distance from other groups at all times.

Enjoy at-home activities

Keep the fun going with at-home activities, from outdoor biodiversity bingo to tensegrity structures and beyond. Plus, share your creations with us on social! Learn more.

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A rabbit made out of LEGO. A picture of a parrot made out of LEGO. A lawnmower made out of LEGO.