Nature and Engineering Activities

Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects®: At-Home Activities

If you’re interested in Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects® sculptures on the grounds of the Ontario Science Centre, then you’ll love this collection of nature-inspired activities! Check items off your Biodiversity Bingo card, create a bottle garden to admire all summer, learn how to build a tensegrity structure and more!

Plus, remember to share your crafts, experiments and other creations with us on social!

Play “I Spy” at the Science Centre

Have you spotted the sculptures from our on-site game of “I Spy”? Next time you visit Nature Connects®, be sure to look for the answers to these clues:

I spy …

  1. A predator hunting its prey.
  2. A sculpture made of 13,704 LEGO® bricks.
  3. An animal that can speak over 1,000 words.
  4. A tool for toiling in the soil.
  5. An animal that evolved before dinosaurs.
  6. The humble beginnings of a mighty oak tree.
  7. A quiet place for a frog to rest.

Think you already spied these sculptures? Check the answer key at the bottom of this page!

Share your work on social media

Feeling inspired by Sean Kenney’s creations? Why not try making your own at home? Bust out the LEGO® bricks and see what incredible structures you can build, then snap a pic and show us your work on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

We’d also love to see your other crafts and experiments. Try out the activities below and be sure to show us the results!

A close up of a butterfly.
Backyard Biodiversity Bingo

Biodiversity measures how many different kinds of things can live together in one place. Bring your bingo card and see how your neighbourhood is doing!

Backyard Biodiversity Bingo: Summer
A planter made out of a plastic bottle with a plant growing in it.
Create Your Own Bottle Garden

Repurpose a plastic pop bottle to create your very own indoor or outdoor bottle garden. It’s a perfect activity for both big and little hands!

Create Your Own Bottle Garden
A tensegrity structure made out of LEGO.
Build a Tensegrity Structure

Surprise your eyes with a structure that seems to defy gravity and learn how to use tension to create structural integrity in your own tensegrity build.

Build a Tensegrity Structure
A woman surrounded by potted plants.
Grow Your Own Food

From seeds to sprouts, from cuttings to clones, learn how—and why—overlooked items can grow something great.

Grow Your Own Food
A toy beaver being used to make tracks in cookie dough.
Animal Track Cookies

Create your own animal tracks to study the toes, claws, size and gait of common creatures—and enjoy a tasty treat while you’re at it!

Animal Track Cookies

“I Spy” Answer Key

  1. Fox and Rabbit
  2. Lawnmower
  3. Parrots
  4. Gardener
  5. Dragonfly
  6. Germinating Acorn
  7. Victoria Water Platter