Open Now: Our Climate Quest

A man and two children engage with an exhibit in Climate Quest.

Explore a new interactive exhibition that will empower you to take climate action in your everyday life

Until April 9, 2024

Become a hero on your own climate quest! Discover the small steps you can take towards big change through hands-on games and activities, multimedia experiences and more in our new exhibition, Our Climate Quest.

Learn about our current understanding of climate change and its impact through observations, historical data and Indigenous knowledge. Explore how we shop, eat and live in dozens of interactive exhibits. Build and test sustainable solutions that can make a difference. Reflect on how we connect to nature and each other, and hear real stories from real people taking climate action across Canada.

Plus, start your learning from home with a collection of videos chosen by our team of experts that explores the science of climate change and the solutions. Check out Climate Change, Explained!

Our Climate Quest was produced by Science North. This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

  • Natural Environment
  • Psychology + Perceptions
  • Weather + Climate
  • Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things, Energy in Our Lives, Everyday Materials, Objects, and Structures, Daily and Seasonal Changes
  • Grade 2: Growth and Changes in Animals, Properties of Liquids and Solids, Air and Water in the Environment
  • Grade 3: Growth and Changes in Plants, Forces and Motion, Strong and Stable Structures, Soils in the Environment
  • Grade 4: Habitats and Communities, Light and Sound, Machines and Their Mechanisms, Rocks, Minerals, and Geological Processes
  • Grade 5: Human Health and Body Systems, Properties of and Changes in Matter, Forces Acting on Structures, Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Grade 6: Biodiversity, Electrical Phenomena, Energy, and Devices, Flight, Space
  • Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment, Form, Function, and Design of Structures, Heat in the Environment
  • Grade 8: Systems in Action, Water Systems

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A child interacts with an exhibit in Our Climate Quest. Two children interact with an exhibit in Our Climate Quest. Two young adults interact with an exhibit in Our Climate Quest. A child interacts with an exhibit in Our Climate Quest.
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