Ancient Caves

  • OMNIMAX® Theatre
  • All Ages
  • 40 Minutes

Join a team of cave explorers on a mission to uncover some of our planet’s greatest mysteries!

Paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley is on an epic quest to understand Earth’s climate. Join her team of scientists as they travel the globe exploring vast underground worlds in search of stalagmite samples—geologic “fingerprints” that reveal clues about our planet’s climate history. Where will Moseley’s quest lead and what secrets will her team unlock? Find out in this thrilling film that brings science and adventure together.

Ancient Caves is produced by Oceanic Research Group Films with support from the Giant Dome Theater Consortium. Presented by MacGillivray Freeman Films.


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  • 11:30 AM Sunday, May 26
  • 01:30 PM Sunday, May 26
  • 11:30 AM Monday, May 27
  • 01:30 PM Monday, May 27
  • 11:30 AM Tuesday, May 28
  • 01:30 PM Tuesday, May 28
  • 11:30 AM Wednesday, May 29
  • 01:30 PM Wednesday, May 29
  • 11:30 AM Thursday, May 30
  • 01:30 PM Thursday, May 30
  • 11:30 AM Friday, May 31
  • 01:30 PM Friday, May 31
  • 11:30 AM Saturday, June 01
  • 01:30 PM Saturday, June 01
  • 04:30 PM Saturday, June 01
  • 01:30 PM Sunday, June 02

Wheelchairs and strollers: All levels are accessible by elevator. A limited number of wheelchair seats are available in the theatre. Wheelchairs are available to borrow at the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Captioning is available, as well as a limited quantity of assistive listening devices from the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Sensory: IMAX films may have bright lights and loud noises.

  • Everything
  • Natural Environment
  • Weather + Climate

Educational Resources

Curriculum Connections

  • Grade 2: Air and Water in the Environment
  • Grade 4: Rocks, Minerals, and Geological Processes
  • Grade 5: Properties of and Changes in Matter
  • Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment; Pure Substances and Mixtures and Heat in the Environment
  • Grade 9: Sustainable Ecosystems and Climate Change; The Nature of Matter and Principles
  • Grade 10 Science (SNC2D): Chemistry: Chemical Reactions; Earth and Space Science: Climate Change
  • Grade 10 Science (SNC2P): Chemistry: Chemical Reactions and Their Practical Applications; Earth and Space Science: Earth’s Dynamic Climate
  • Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U): Matter, Chemical Trends, and Chemical Bonding; Solutions and Solubility
  • Grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U): Structure and Properties of Matter; Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction
  • Grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4C): Matter and Qualitative Analysis; Chemistry in the Environment
  • Grade 12 Earth and Space Science (SES4U): Recording Earth’s Geological History; Geological Processes

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Two scientists climb up a rock wall to exit the water in a cave. Two divers swim through an underwater cave. Two divers in an underwater cave.