Back from the Brink: Saved From Extinction

  • OMNIMAX® Theatre
  • All Ages
  • 50 Minutes

Experience the remarkable true story of three animal species rescued from the brink of extinction on the giant screen.

Meet scientists, park rangers and students working to save endangered animals around the world. Discover how California’s enchanting Channel Island Fox is rescued from an invasion of Golden Eagles, the fastest recovery of a species in the history of animal conservation. Join the former hunters of one of the world’s most endangered primates, the Golden Monkey, now protecting them in the fabled mountains of China’s Yunnan Province. Witness the wondrous migration of the Christmas Island Red Crab and marvel at their recovery from a Crazy Yellow Ant infestation in one of the most successful bio-control experiments ever undertaken. Join this remarkable and heartfelt adventure to save endangered species around the world and see that positive change is possible.

Back From the Brink

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  • 12:00 PM Saturday, December 04
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  • 12:00 PM Sunday, December 05
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  • 12:00 PM Wednesday, December 08
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Wheelchairs and strollers: All levels are accessible by elevator. A limited number of wheelchair seats are available in the theatre. A limited number of wheelchairs are available to borrow at the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Captioning is available, as well as a limited quantity of assistive listening devices from the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Sensory: IMAX films may have bright lights and loud noises. 

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  • Natural Environment
  • Weather + Climate

Educational Resources

Curriculum Connections

  • Growth and Changes in Animals (2)
  • Habitats and Communities (4)
  • Biodiversity (6)
  • Interactions in the Environment (7)
  • Sustainable Ecosystems (9)
  • Diversity of Living Things (Biology 11)
  • Evolution (Biology 11)
  • Population Dynamics (Biology 12)
A fox in a field of dry grass. Numerous red crabs on a beach. A golden monkey in a forest.