Dinosaurs of Antarctica

  • OMNIMAX® Theatre
  • All Ages
  • 50 Minutes

Uncover a hidden past when prehistoric giants roamed Antarctica hundreds of millions of years ago

Join scientists on a quest to unearth a prehistoric world now lost to ice on the southernmost continent of Antarctica. Discover a colossal amphibian that lurks below the surface of an ancient river, learn about the largest-known early Jurassic carnivore and come face-to-face with other fearsome dinosaurs and fascinating creatures that inhabited a lush landscape—one that looks nothing like the frozen desert we know today. Travel through time to investigate the end of Earth’s last ice age. Explore the causes and repercussions of a changing climate and seek clues to our own future on this planet.

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  • 03:30 PM Friday, March 01
  • 03:30 PM Saturday, March 02
  • 03:30 PM Sunday, March 03
  • 03:30 PM Tuesday, March 05
  • 03:30 PM Wednesday, March 06
  • 03:30 PM Thursday, March 07
  • 03:30 PM Friday, March 08

Wheelchairs and strollers: All levels are accessible by elevator. A limited number of wheelchair seats are available in the theatre. Wheelchairs are available to borrow at the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Captioning is available, as well as a limited quantity of assistive listening devices from the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Sensory: IMAX films may have bright lights and loud noises.

  • Everything
  • Natural Environment
  • Needs and Characteristics of Living Things (1)
  • Daily and Seasonal Changes (1)
  • Growth and Changes in Animals (2)
  • Air and Water in the Environment (2)
  • Growth and Changes in Plants (3)
  • Soils in the Environment (3)
  • Habitats and Communities (4)
  • Rocks, Minerals, and Geological Processes (4)
  • Biodiversity (6)
  • Interactions in the Environment (7)
  • Heat in the Environment (7)
  • Water Systems (8)
  • Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems and Climate Change (9)
  • Climate Change (10)
  • Earth’s Dynamic Climate (10)
  • Diversity of Living Things (Biology 11)
  • Evolution (Biology 11)
  • Animals: Structure and Function (Biology 11)
  • Plants in the Natural Environment (Biology 11)
  • Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry (Chemistry 11)
  • Recording Earth’s Geological History (Earth and Space Science 12)
  • Geological Processes (Earth and Space Science 12)

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Dinosaurs of Antarctica was produced by Giant Screen Films. Major funding was provided by the National Science Foundation.
NSF United States Arctic Program - National Science Foundation
A dinosaur with the northern lights in the background. A dinosaur confronting another group of dinosaurs. A dinosaur surrounded by plants.