Oceans: Our Blue Planet

  • OMNIMAX® Theatre
  • All Ages
  • 55 m

Embark on a global odyssey through the largest and least explored habitat on Earth in Oceans: Our Blue Planet.

Revolutionary ocean science and technology has allowed scientists to go further into the unknown than was ever thought possible. From the coastal shallows to deep and mysterious worlds, discover untold stories of the oceans’ most astonishing creatures. The journey into the blue begins at its surface as dolphins leap and slice effortlessly through the water’s surface. First stop: the coral reefs. Meet fascinating characters like the ingenious tusk fish that uses a tool to open its food. In the great forests of the sea, find a cunning octopus who shields herself in an armoury of shells to hide from predators.

Journey through the oceans, share in these extraordinary discoveries and uncover a spectacular world of life beneath the waves.

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  • 03:30 PM Wednesday, March 22
  • 03:30 PM Thursday, March 23
  • 03:30 PM Friday, March 24
  • 03:30 PM Saturday, March 25
  • 03:30 PM Sunday, March 26
  • 03:30 PM Wednesday, March 29

Wheelchairs and strollers: All levels are accessible by elevator. A limited number of wheelchair seats are available in the theatre. Wheelchairs are available to borrow at the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Captioning is available, as well as a limited quantity of assistive listening devices from the Level 2 Ticket Desk.

Sensory: IMAX films may have bright lights and loud noises.

  • Everything
  • Natural Environment
  • Weather + Climate

Educational Resources

Curriculum Connections

  • Needs and Characteristics of Living Things (1)
  • Growth and Changes in Animals (2)
  • Habitats and Communities (4)
  • Biodiversity (6)
  • Interactions in the Environment (7)
  • Water Systems (8)
  • Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity (9)
  • Climate Change (10)
  • Diversity of Living Things (Biology 11)
An octopus explores the ocean. Two walruses lounging on the ice. Schools of tropical fish swim through ocean plant life.