Super Science Questions

  • All Ages
Illustration of a child looking back at their shadow, which has a smiley face and is shaped like a question mark.

Wednesday, May 5, 2–2:45 p.m.

Why is glue sticky? What makes volcanoes explode? Is there Wi-Fi in space? You asked, and we answered these questions and more in our new book. 50 questions, to be exact! WHY DOES MY SHADOW FOLLOW ME?, published by Annick Press, is written by Kira Vermond, illustrated by Suharu Ogawa and scientifically verified by us. Join Kira and Suharu to find out what it takes to make a science book for kids (hint: it all starts with one small idea or question). Learn about the research and writing process, draw along with Suharu, participate in live experiments inspired by the book and become even more curious about our universe. From animals and the human body to technology and outer space, there is so much to discover!

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