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Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages takes visitors on a fascinating journey through Earth’s icy history, beginning over 80,000 years ago. Why is ice so important and what role does it play on our planet today? This incredible exhibition explores these questions and more, encouraging visitors to reflect upon climate change and human activity. 

As the exhibition’s knowledge partner, McMaster University is excited to share its latest scientific research. Soil samples from permafrost have enabled the reconstruction of ancient environments, which now indicates that the wooly mammoth and North American horse survived for thousands of years longer than initially believed. 

Dr. Hendrik Poinar, Principal Investigator at the McMaster Ancient DNA Centre, explains, “the amount of genetic data in permafrost is enormous and provides a unique window into the population dynamics of megafauna. By partnering with the Ontario Science Centre, we are delighted to share this exciting research with people of all ages and help us better understand the changing environment.” 

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